Mont Stong interviewed by ABC 7 News!

During the playoffs with the New Orleans Pelicans, their coach said he wasn’t sure the decibel level at Oracle was legal. And it’s only gotten louder during the finals.

“It was insane,” said one fan. “Like nothing else I’ve ever been to.”

Mont Stong is an audiologist in San Francisco who treats patients with hearing loss. He estimates Oracle’s decibel levels in the 100 to 120 range, which is like listening to a chainsaw or the engines of a jet plane. It’s noise that he says can be temporarily or permanently detrimental.

“Any kind of auditorium that is totally enclosed, is very loud, and that loud sound doesn’t have an opportunity to escape,” he said.

He suggests fans wear earplugs or headphones like the ones little Riley Curry was seen wearing after Game 1.

But fans at the Warriors team store told ABC7 News that they aren’t worried about the risk.

“The experience, the excitement more than makes up for it,” said one fan.

“I can understand why,” Stong said. “I mean, it’s the excitement, you want to make noise, I get it, but it’s not healthy for your hearing to do that, no.”

The raucous Warriors fans are legendary. Even King James had to acknowledge it.

“The fans here are pretty loud, pretty good, really good,” he said.

And that’s not likely to change.

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